A college student smashes a ceramic phallus inscribed with words about sexism and racism at a protest on Inauguration Day 2017.

More than 200 graves in Sunset Hills Cemetery were defaced with swastikas shortly before Memorial Day 2018, as well as nearby houses and cars. Hundreds of workers and volunteers turned out to try to scrub the graves clean before Memorial Day services.

A local university responded to an incident of racial hatred with an art project inscribing messages of tolerance and diversity on a door. Emotions were high, but the mood was positive.

Helen Hawkins died in office as a member of the Madison County Board in 2018. The board memorialized her at its next meeting with roses at her empty seat. I shot this image for the Troy (Ill.) Times-Tribune on assignment.

Spindler Building

Shot on assignment for the Highland (Ill.) News-Leader to research the history of these buildings, since demolished. The Spindlers transitioned from the whiskey business to a general store that was a mainstay for the rural Illinois town for decades, and these buildings were among the oldest in town. For a full history of these buildings and array of photographs, click here.

This church steeple fell victim to a rough storm.

An anti-abortion protester stood silently outside a Planned Parenthood clinic during an Illinois rally in 2019.

Southern Illinois University hosts a Free* Food Festival every year, in which students temporarily give up their First Amendment rights for free pizza - enforced by the dictatorship of the newspaper advisor.

A house fire in Centreville, Illinois only days before Christmas. I didn't have my good camera with me, but I was amazed at how the light seemed to follow the water down into the fire.

Political press conferences are a frequent part of newspaper work; the trick is trying to catch the subject in a natural, human moment.

An oil spill near Silver Lake in Highland, Ill. required many hours and workers to clean up.

From the Alexandra Nance memorial.
Children exploring the new playground in Township Park, Edwardsville.
College students mourning the deaths of two friends who died in an apartment fire the day before.
This fire was caused by, of all things, a mattress: it fell off another truck, was wedged under this tractor trailer and eventually overheated, causing the fire. The driver was miraculously unhurt.

Covering a college means covering protests, which also means photographing people impassioned about their subject matter. In the case of these three photographs, the students were protesting on the day Donald Trump was inaugurated as President of the United States.

An astronomy professor adjusts viewers to observe a solar phenomenon. This was one of my earliest attempts at news photography with a phone camera - in this case, the iPhone 4. Later models had much better resolution.
Students march in protest and call for racial tolerance and unity days after the 2016 election.
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