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The Alamo

San Antonio's most famous landmark is definitely the Alamo, immortalized in highly inaccurate movies where Davy Crockett faced off with Santa Anna. It took special permission to do a limited shoot there, and still no one is allowed to shoot inside the church itself. It's a fascinating place full of the turbulent history of Texas, Mexico and the new Americas.

San Antonio Market

This street market was filled with a variety of booths selling everything from Mexican vanilla to street corn, which is an absolutely amazing experience, by the way. Music and colored flags and a shining sun made for a terrific experience. This market also featured in Elizabeth's novella, Yanaguana. Because when she likes a place, she infests it with demons.


This is Liberty. He's an American bald eagle who was hit by a car when he was young and sustained permanent injuries that did not allow him to be released back into the wild. Now he lives with the World Bird Sanctuary and they take him about to educate schoolchildren and nosy reporters about bald eagles and their habitats.

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